5e. How to Manage Shared Items

You might find it useful to keep track of items in Team Shares, as well as items you have shared with third parties. Using the Shares tab in the web portal, you can generate and view reports that allow you to manage these shared items. You can also remove a share link if required.

To track shared items:

  1. In the web portal dashboard, click the Shares tab to manage your shares.
  2. Click the Team Shares button to access controls that allow you to create, view and edit Team Shares. Optionally, click the arrow to expand a Team Share.

  3. Click the On button to receive a Daily Digest email for the selected Team Share. A Daily Digest email will outline detailed information about events that occurred within the Team Share. You will receive a daily email until you turn off the Daily Digest option.
  4. You can also turn on or off the syncing of Team Share content down to your local machine. This functionality is useful if a Team Share contains large files (such as video files) and you would rather only access the content when necessary from the web. Click the Off button to turn off the syncing of content to your local machine. Alternatively, click the On button to ensure that all content gets synchronized to your local machine.
  5. Click the Items Shared By You button to track how many times an item you shared has been viewed, downloaded, and whether or not it is set to expire on a certain date.
    1. You can also click the arrow to expand an item, which allows you to view detailed information about the user that received your shared item.
    2. Click the Delete button to remove a share link.
  6. Click the Items Shared With You button to view files that were shared with you by others in your organization, as well as information about who shared the file and what access rights you were given (including read, write, and delete).
  7. Finally, in some instances, you might be invited to join a Team Share that is outside of your standard work organization. When this happens, you will be alerted through email and by a notification in the Shares tab of the web portal. Use the Shares tab to accept or decline this invitation.
  • Last modified: 3 years ago
  • by Dylan Drought