5d. How to Manage Guest Accounts

Guests are special accounts that are created for individuals outside of your organization. You can manually create a guest account and give that guest access to files and folders; you can even give a guest access to an entire folder so that the guest can upload and manage content within the system.

Alternatively, if you send a secure share invitation to a person outside of your organization, you are automatically creating a guest within the system. You can manage your guest accounts using the Guests tab inside the web portal. For example, you might want to remove guests who no longer need access to content that you have shared.

Guest users can also manage their own user settings—including their name, email address, and password—and can even delete their own account.

Specifically, Guest accounts can:

  • Access a shared file or folder through the web portal
  • Manage their account information and change their password

Guest accounts cannot:

  • Utilize the desktop client, WebDAV, or mobile apps
  • Subscribe to Team Shares

Best Practice: If you will be collaborating with a guest account on a regular basis, you might consider sharing an entire folder with the guest account. When you create a secure share to a folder, you can invite a guest account and decide whether or not to give that guest account permission to upload or delete content from that shared folder. You can also choose to be notified when the guest user uploads or downloads content. In this way, the shared folder becomes a collaborative space where you can exchange and review content.

To manage guest accounts:

  1. In the web portal, click the Guests tab. The Guests page displays, listing all of your existing guests.
  2. Use the tools in the Guests tab to manage guests.
    1. The Create Guest button, which allows you to manually add a new guest. You can configure the guest's name, email address, password, and even decide if and when the password should expire.
    2. The Remove button, which allows you to delete an existing guest.

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