5j. Launching the Collaborative Web Editor

To use the Collaborative Web Editor:

  1. If you are working from the desktop client, right-click a supported file, point to the context menu, and select Open in Web Editor.
  2. Alternatively, if you are working in the web portal, navigate to a supported file, right-click the file, and select Edit. The file opens in a new tab.

  3. To configure advanced settings, click the Manage button. The left-hand navigation bar expands.
  4. In the left-hand navigation bar, click the Advanced Settings link to turn on and off features, such as commenting, spell check, auto-save, and so forth. You can also choose to view or disable real-time collaboration changes.
  5. While still in the Files section of the tool, you can:
    1. Click Save to save the file.
    2. Click Save as to save the file with a new name. You will also be given the option to save the file to a new file format or a new location (within the same root folder).
    3. Click Share Link to generate a share link for a standard user or guest user. The recipient will be given privileges to co-edit the document using the Collaborative Web Editor.
    4. Click Download as to download the file to your local machine. You will be presented with the option to download the file in your preferred file format.
    5. Click Print to print the document using your preferred printing device.
    6. Click Help to view a comprehensive listing of all available functionality.
  6. Click the Back to Document link to collapse the left-hand navigation menu.
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  • by Dylan Drought