10a. Configuring the Outlook Add-In

When you configure your default settings, you can decide to

  • Send notifications when a shared item is downloaded or uploaded;
  • Limit the number of times a shared item is downloaded;
  • Expire a shared item after a specified number of days; or
  • Depending on your organization policy settings, send all items as secure shares.

Note: You can optionally configure the Outlook add-in so that all items are sent as secure shares; however, if certain policies are enabled for your organization, this feature is turned on by default, and you will not be able to configure this option.

Additionally, when configuring attachment policies, you can determine how the Outlook add-in manages your sent content. When you send items through the Outlook add-in, a new Shared Items subdirectory is created for you in your Synced Folder. By default, this folder is located at the top-level of your Synced Folder, but you can change its location when you configure your Outlook add-in preferences.

When you configure these policies, the Outlook add-in operates as a truly intelligent tool, automatically sending share links according to the way you like to work. For example, you can tell the add-in to

  • Automatically use the Outlook add-in for attachments over a certain size, even when an email draft already includes a standard attachment (for example, when forwarding messages);
  • Automatically use the Outlook add-in for all attachments, even when an email draft already includes a standard attachment; and
  • Only use the Outlook add-in when selected.
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  • by Dylan Drought