6a. How to Lock Files and Folders in the Web Portal

In the web portal, you can place locks on a whole Team Share, a subfolder in a Team Share, or a file in a Team Share. When an item is locked, a lock icon will be placed over the file or folder, and it will become read-only for others subscribed to the Team Share.

To place a lock on a file or folder in the web portal:

  1. In the web portal, right-click the item, and select lock. The item is now locked, and is read-only for everyone else in the share.
  2. Alternatively, to lock the folder or file for a specific amount of time, select Lock For. A pop-up window displays, allowing you to select a time period, including: 30 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, or 1 day.
  3. When you are finished editing, you must unlock the item. To unlock the item, right-click the file or folder again, and select unlock.
  • Last modified: 3 years ago
  • by Dylan Drought