4f. How to Add the Desktop Client as a Storage Location in Microsoft Office

You can add the Desktop Client as a storage location in Microsoft Office, making it easy for you to open, edit, and save Microsoft Office-supported content stored in the cloud. When you sign in to either a Microsoft account or a Microsoft Office 365 account, you can:

  • Open and save local content stored in the cloud, without navigating away from your local application
  • View a list of your recently opened cloud content, allowing you to quickly access your most relevant content supported by the Microsoft application
  • Retrieve this storage location on all of your registered machines when you sign in using the same Microsoft or Microsoft Office 365 account

In this way, you can personalize your Microsoft Office experience by accessing your synced Microsoft Office files from all of your registered machines.

Note: This feature is supported for Microsoft Office revision 2013 and higher.

  • Last modified: 4 years ago
  • by Dylan Drought