4diii. Viewing Warning Messages

In addition to managing preferences and pausing sync process, you can view the desktop client warning messages and resolve issues directly from the system tray icon.

Click the icon on your computer's system tray or menu bar. The system tray menu displays, allowing you to view and manage warning messages.

  1. The Space Quota indicator message displays the amount of space you are currently utilizing
  2. The Resolve Sync Warnings indicator activates when a file sync warning - such as a collision or a locked change warning - occurs on your local machine. When this indicator is active, click to resolve the file sync warning. For more information, please reference the How to Resolve File Sync Warnings section of the End User Guide
  3. The Status indicator displays the progress of the sync process. This indicator will alert you when the sync process is up to date, syncing, paused or disconnected. You can also hover this indicator to enable pause and resume functionality

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  • by Dylan Drought