8b. How to Create Backups on your Local Machine

In addition to backing up folders in the web portal, you can also back up your folders directly from your local machine. Like backups configured in the web portal, backups configured on your local machine continuously back up new changes, and will keep revisions.

To back up a folder from your Windows or Mac machine:

  1. Right-click the folder you want to back up. A menu displays.
  2. Point to the sync menu, and select Back up this folder. Your browser opens, displaying the newly created backup.

  3. To deactivate a backup from your machine, right-click the back up on your computer or laptop, point to the sync menu, and select Remove backup. The folder will no longer back up, and will be listed as deactivated in the web portal.
  • Last modified: 3 years ago
  • by Dylan Drought